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“Please don’t put anything that would make me sound arrogant”

“Please don’t put anything that would make me sound arrogant”, says Jay Ajay Jajal as we share a laugh. This 26-year-old is a lot of things – artist, fashion designer, rapper, painter and an overall creative; but definitely not arrogant. However, don’t mistake his humility for tameness, for he is unconditionally fierce and rebellious in his mediums of expression. Especially when it comes to his streetwear avatar- JAYWALKING.

An individualistic fashion brand barely two months old, Jaywalking is anything but conventional. From the silhouettes to the fabric choices and colour designs, each apparel showcased screams eccentricity. But the brand’s much more than just clothes, “Jaywalking is dangerous. It is for the people who aren’t scared to cross the line and prove a point. It is for the people who believe in art and culture. I started Jaywalking, the brand, in 2019 February but seems like I have been planning this all my life.”