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"The human touch is apparent in the designs"

He launched Jaywalking in 2019 with the hope of bringing a more unexpected, detail-oriented approach to casual attire. He sells exclusively through his Instagram, and customers can scroll through the patchwork bombers and jackets splattered with paint. The human touch is apparent in the designs. Jajal works with local pattern cutters in Mumbai, and takes a more delicate approach to streetwear pieces that are often machine-made. For instance, he develops original prints based on his own illustrations, and then applies them to pieces such as hoodies, tees, and trousers. Details such as hand embroidery appear throughout. Much like how streetwear brands often create limited edition drops, Jajal plays with exclusivity in his own way too. No two pieces of his are alike, and he also enjoys working directly with customers to come up with custom creations. “I do a lot of one-of-one pieces,” he says, adding that he receives most of his inquiries and orders via DMs. Price points begin at $100 for his pants and tops, and go up to $350 for his custom pieces.

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