"Jaywalking is the extension of the mood and personality of its designer"

Over a couple of years, India has also seen the birth of streetwear labels, each with distinct aesthetics, design inspiration and story. While @jaywalking.in is the extension of the mood and personality of its designer with oversized silhouettes and bold graphics


Q. In the current ‘Hypebeast Culture’ when most streetwear enthusiasts aspire to own the most popular brands such as Supreme, Bape, Stussy, The Hundreds, etc., what made you start your own streetwear label?

JAYWALKING: As much as they aspire to buy these brands, they also thrive to be different. I see an opportunity there. People who aren’t really ‘basic’ and always push themselves to newer silhouettes will find me, and we will live happily forever after 


Q. Is affordability a factor in designing your products? What is the approximate price range?

JAYWALKING: While I am designing, I just don’t think about the amount of time it’s going to take to make a particular design, or how much time is it going to take for it to sell. I am ready to wait 2 years for a pant to sell, but I’ll sell it for what I think it is worth. People who know the right streetwear or luxury think my stuff is super affordable. It averages to about ₹9000 goes unto infinity. I’ll soon be introducing entry-level products for around ₹3500, like t-shirts and shirts, etc.


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