About Jaywalking

        Jaywalking is a street wear based fashion house. Mumbai-born Jay Jajal launched his own Indian street wear label, "Jaywalking" in 2019.
The founder and creative director Jay Jajal's interest in

construction, conceptualisation, photography, craftsmanship and working with artisans turn Jaywalking into a well-respected brand. 

The fashion house covers gender-fluid, men's and women's

ready-to-wear and custom made clothing.

The collections are defined by Jay Jajal's signature style. The Indian brand was one of the first of it's kind to create a niche category in the country. 
Jaywalking's aesthetic is deconstruction, experimentation and the juxtaposition of Jay Jajal's memories and attitude. The founder pays crucial emphasis on the visuals of things. The aesthetics of the designs are inspired by his own paintings.  
 “Jaywalking is dangerous. It is for the people who aren’t scared to cross the line and prove a point. It is for the people who believe in art and culture.' - Jay Jajal